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About The Artist


About the Artist, Samantha

Samantha is a loving wife and full-time mother of two adopted special needs girls. Her family lives in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. She is a multi-generational artist and artistic photography is a creative outlet and one of three sources of additional income for her family.

She also designs fine custom jewelry ( and she's a wellness consultant, speaker, and life coach (

Samantha is not for hire as an event photographer.

Sedona Arizona Chapel of the Holy Cross Catholic Church

An Artistic View of the World

Samantha comes from a family of professional artists. So, she has always had an unique view of the world. Before she adopted her girls with her husband she was able to travel the world and take photographs of how she sees the world.

She now travels the world with her husband, and two daughters... when they can find the time.

South Africa Krueger National Forest Cheetah

Photographs For Sale

Samantha is sharing some of her copyrighted photographs with you.

LAS VEGAS RESIDENTS If you live in Las Vegas you have a lot more printing, framing, and local delivery options. We have a wonderful local printer we work with and we have many options for you. Contact Samantha to discuss your desires for Fine Art Photography in Las Vegas.

WORLD-WIDE The wonderful people at print, fulfill, and ship her photographs on anything they have in stock directly you. Canvas prints, wall art, metal prints, etc. They are one of the top full-fillers for art orders in the world.

Samantha is not a photographer for hire. All of her editing is done after hours when her girls are asleep.

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View Prints Available for Sale

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A Devoted Wife, Loving Mother and Artistic Photographer

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